Easy Classics Help

Easy Classics Help - The most important toppics

System requirements


1. Getting Started

1.1 Registering

Register as Classics Paradise Member

1.2 Adding your classic vehicles

Adding your classic cars and motorcycles

1.3 Downloading Easy Classics

How to download Easy Classics

1.4 Installing Easy Classics

How to install Easy Classics

1.5 First steps with Easy Classics

Starting Easy Classics, login, enter settings


2. Easy Classics Basics

2.1 General Overview

Vehicle management module, project module, Ressources, Settings

2.2 Common Functionality

Online help, support requests, basic record functions, reports

2.3 Media Management

Media types, media viewer and media library, adding media in different ways

2.4 Digitalizing Documents

Scanning documents, making text readable

2.5 The Classics Paradise Repository

Linking data to the repository


3. Vehicle Management

3.1 Vehicle Data

Main data, description, mileage information, color information

3.2 Vehicle Media

General media related to your vehicle

3.3 Documents

Manage documents related to your vehicle

3.4 Expenses

Manage expenses, direct expenses and project related expenses

3.5 Vehicle History and Events

Document important happenings and events

3.6 Maintenance

Manage recurring maintenance tasks, document maintenance work


4. Ressources

4.1 Suppliers

Adding and sharing suppliers

4.2 Literature

Classic vehicle literature

Adding and sharing literature

4.3 Memberships

Add clubs, manage memberships

4.4 Media Library

Manage all your media

4.5 Parts Lists

Digitize parts lists, add and manage parts lists for your vehicles


5. Project Management

5.1 Main Data

Adding a new Project, project settings

5.2 Planning a Project

Grouping, using grouping from parts list, planning details, estimated costs and time effort

5.3 The Project Diary

Document your work during the project

5.4 Project Categories

Adding categories for activities, expenses and time tracking

5.5 Storage Locations

Define storage locations for your project

5.6 Working on your Project

Document your project, activities, expenses, time effort, dismantling processes, restoration work, reassembly processes

5.7 Activities

Manage work to do, assign categories, percentage completed

5.8 Parts

Add parts, select part from spare parts list, assign storage location, record other activities

5.9 Expenses

Record expenses, assign categories, manage currencies

5.10 Effort

Record effort, assign categories

5.11 Stripdown documentation

Step-by-step documentation of a disassembly process

5.12 Restoration documentation

Step-by-step documentation of a restoration process

5.13 Reassembly documentation

Step-by-step documentation of a reassembly process

5.14 Reorder processes

Reordering disassembly and reassembly processes