Form - Easy Clasics Vehicle Data

Vehicle data


record new New record Initializes the form for adding a new vehicle
record save Save changes Saves the current vehicle
Delete record Deletes the selected vehicle.
Reports Opens the report selector form
repository link Link Vehicles Opens the form to link online vehicles with vehicles in Easy Classics. You can also copy vehicles from online to Easy Classics or from Easy Classics to online.
Bei Lieferanten suchen Spare part search Opens the form for searching for spare parts
help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request

Repository Link

vehicle repository linking

After entering your vehicle data, you can link your vehicle to the Classics Paradise Repository.

repository link Link to repository Opens the form for linking your vehicle to the repository. There you can query the brand and exact model and link it to your vehicle.
refresh data Refresh link In case the brand name or model name changed in our repository, you can refresh the link. The link will not be changed.


Main Data

See image above

Column Name Data Type Description
ID read only the technical ID in the database of the vehicle
Vehicle name text mandatory, your personal vehicle name
Year built text year of production
VIN text international vehicle identification number
Chassis number text chassis number
Engine number text engine number
License plate text registration number


Classic car description

Column Name Data Type Description
Description text brief description of your vehicle


classic car mileage information

Column Name Data Type Description
Mileage Unti ID pull down choose between kilometers or miles
Mileage when bought number initial mileage when the vehicle was bought
Vehicle has original mileage boolean indicates if you can proof that your vehicle has the original mileage
Mileage when sold number if you sell your vehicle you can document the last mileage
Mileage remark text add any remarks if necessary


classic car colors

Column Name

Data Type Description
Body paint name text when available enter the original body paint name, otherwise enter a standard color
Body paint remark text remarks to the body paint
Vehicle has original body paint boolean indicates that you can proof that the paint is original
Trim color name text when available enter the orginal trim color name, otherwise use a standard color
Trim color remark text remarks to the trim color
Vehicle has original trim boolean indicates if you can proof that the trim is original

Main Image

Image see above.

In the media editor you can add a single image for representing you vehicle. More images can be added in the Media section.