Easy Classics Benefits

Why Easy Classics?

To use Easy Classics to document your classics and to manage restoration projects, has significant advantages. We tried to summarize the most important benefits here.

Depending on how you use Easy Classics and if you repair and restore your own classics, the advantages will differ. But in comparison to many people, who do not use a software and document on paper or perhaps with Word or Excel, Easy Classics offers you a lot of benefits.

Documenting your classic

  • You have all the information for each of your classics at hand in one place.
  • All media are stored centrally and uniquely, but can be used anywhere.
  • All digitized documents can be called up at the push of a button.
  • Total expenses or expenses per category are always up-to-date.
  • You can record the history of your vehicle chronologically and save all media related to it.
  • All events including documents and media are easily accessible.
  • If your vehicle is linked to our database, you can request precise information about suppliers, literature and clubs tailored to your vehicle.


  • Easy planning by groups and planning details with planned values ​​for expenses and time efforts.
  • Groups can be easily moved and adjusted.
  • You always have current totals per group and for the entire project without having to recalculate everything every time.
  • Freely configurable storage locations for storing the parts.
  • Easily track parts, activities, expenses and time expenses as you work.
  • Freely selectable categorization of activities, expenses and time expenses.
  • Immediate and up-to-date overview of target and actual values ​​for expenses and time expenditures.
  • Automatic transfer of project expenses to vehicle expenses.
  • Simple and precise documentation of work by recording individual steps with instructions and media.
  • In the instructions, parts can be taken directly from the parts list.
  • Mark locations within an image with arrows, shapes, and text.
  • Add parts with activities during disassembly.
  • At the end of the disassembly you have an exact overview of your project and thus the right basis for the restoration and reassembly work.
  • Automatic generation of assembly instructions from disassembly instructions.
  • Easily create shipping orders to suppliers based on activity categories.
  • No forgotten parts that should have been sent to a supplier. This saves you shipping costs.

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