About Classics Paradise

Owning classic cars made easy

Classics Paradise aims to make owning a classic car as easy as possible.

We do this by trying to collect all the information a classic car owner needs on the one hand and providing owners with software on the other hand with which they can manage their vehicles and plan, document and control repair and restoration projects.

Getting the right information

Every classic car owner depends on a information.

This includes:

  • the right suppliers
  • spare parts
  • literature
  • know-how and experiences of other owners
  • clubs
  • events
  • vehicles to buy
  • interested parties for selling

Classics Paradise tries to collect as much of this information as possible or to provide services so that members can supply this information themselves.

Be informed proactively

Another goal is to actively inform our members about new information. Members can indicate which information interests them and how often they would like to be informed about it. In this way, we can actively notify our members as soon as new content arrives, eliminating the need for constant searching.

Quality of information

Although much of the information is provided by our members, Classics Paradise attempts to verify its content before publishing it. We ourselves are constantly expanding our repository aswell.

Additionally we offer our members a rating system for information like suppliers and literature.

You can view part of our repository as a public visitor, all parts are only visible as a registered member.

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Easy Classics - The vehicle management and restoration documentation software

Easy Classics Main Form

Easy Classics is our software that owners can use to manage their classic cars and document repair and restoration work.

The program has two modules:

The vehicle management module

All data relating to the vehicle can be managed here.

  • vehicle data
  • expenditure
  • Documents
  • History
  • Media
  • Recurring maintenance work

The project management module

With this module you can plan, document and control larger repair to complete restoration projects.

  • Planning
  • Process documentation (disassembly steps, reconstruction)
  • Eypenditure tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Shipping to suppliers
  • Keeping a project diary

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