Easy Classics

Easy Classics - our classic vehicle software

Easy Classics has two modules:

  1. The documentation module: for documenting the most important information belonging to your classic.
  2. The project module: for planning, documenting and controling complex repair and restoration projects.

To document all the necessary information of your classic does not only improve order, it also increases the market value of your classic car or motorcycle.

Complete restorations are rather demanding. For this reason, a good planning, step by step documentation of strip down processes and other work and a good overview about all the work that has to be done, are vital for success.

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The benefits of Easy Classics


Vehicle documentation


With the Easy Classics documentation module you can document and manage all the important information about your classic:

  • Media: all the images, videos and other media belonging to the vehicle
  • The history of your vehicle: special milestones and events
  • Documents: registration papers, purchase documents, sales documents, repair manuals, spare pasts lists
  • Expenses: all expenses made from fuel costs to repairs and other expenses like events
  • Maintenance: manage periodical maintenance work
  • Create a digital version of the parts list of your vehicle.

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The documentation module


Restoration and repair project management

Easy Classics Projects

With the Easy Classics project module you can manage complex repair projects and complete restoration projects. You can easily keep track of all necessary activities and expenses and manage the time spent on your project.

  • Plan and prepare projects and estimate costs and time.
  • Manage storage locations for parts.
  • Document the strip down process step by step.
  • Add parts, expenses, time and acivity items to your project
  • Automatically create a reassembly process from a strip down process
  • Document your progress
  • Control expenses and time spent
  • Write a diary to your project

Read further to get more detailed information about the project module or find a complete feature overview on our comparison page.

The project module

Feature overview and comparison