Our History

A dream comes true!

Hi, my name is Robert Wisse and I am the founder and owner of Classics Paradise.

I am a classic car and classic motorbike enthusiast since my childhood, always dreaming to once in my life discover a barn find, restore the vehicle and contribute to our heritage of classic vehicles.

And so I did! Right after my study, I found a 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto (boat tail) in a barn in Austria, not far from where I live.

Restoration projects are a challenge!

The car was in terrible condition with rust holes so large that I could stick my arm through them! But still I was convinced that I would restore the car to its old glory!

My first classic car for restoration

So I started to dismantle it and store all the parts in bins, on shelfs and wherever I had place.

It didn't last long, and I realised that I completely underestimated the restoration of a car. The huge amount of parts, all needing cleaning, painting, chroming, refurbishing etc. and how on earth would I rebuild everything again!

My first classic car restoration

Unfortunately this project ended in a disaster and I sold the car in bits an pieces.

Due to lack of time and place, I didn’t plan to start a new restoration project in the nearby future. But I did keep on thinking about how I would plan, organise and control my next project!

As profesional software developer, the answer was rather clear. With a well-designed application, it should be possible to document your work, organise all the parts, define and categorise all the work that must be done and keep track of time and expenses easily. I exchanged my thoughts with friends who already successfully finished restoration projects and they all encouraged me to build my software. But they also told me that a restoration project is not only about organisation and control. You need to find people with whom you could exchange know how, find literature related to your vehicle and find the right suppliers that have experience with exactly your vehicle.

Easy Classics and Classics Paradise was born!

In the beginning I only wanted to develop a restoration software but after many interviews with other classic vehicle enthusiasts, I quickly noticed that it is not only about organising a project. To find the right suppliers, and the right spare parts, to exchange know how with other owners, to find good literature and to get in contact with clubs, is at least just as important.

And next to that all, it is extremely important to generally document your classic car or motorbike. On which events has it been, what is the vehicle's history, which repairs or restorations did it get and how much money was spent on it. A well documented vehicle increases it's value extraordinarily.

Classics Paradise is the portal where classic car and motorcycle owners can find all the information they need.

Easy Classics is our software for documenting vehicles and manage complete and complex restoration projects.

Our Challenge!

Classics Paradise is at the beginning and our journey is our destination. Step by step we want to extend our offer with more information and more services for anyone contributing to the preservation of our wonderfull heritage of classic vehicles. It would please me, if you would join our exciting journey! Register now and become a Classics Paradise member. Registration is free!

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If you have any questions about Classics Paradise or Easy Classics then please contact me! I am pleased to hear any feedback!

Kind regards,
Robert Wisse