The Classics Paradise Repository

What is the repository?

The CP repository gathers the most important information for classic car and motorcycle owners.

Repository overview

The heart of the CP repository is our vehicle database with brands and brand models.
A vehicle is the central entity of the complete Classics Paradise system because a major part of the information inside the repository is linked to a vehicle or it's brand.
So for instance, if a supplier is specialised on Jaguar e-types, then we would link this supplier to the brand Jaguar and to the brand model e-type. When a member, who owns a Jaguar e-type, enters his vehicle he can also link this vehicle to the brand Jaguar and the model e-type.

With this exact matching system we are able to provide very precise information to our members based on their vehicles.

Expanding the Repository

Our repository is constantly growing. Content is partially provided by us and partially by our members who are the real experts! They can add models and suppliers and provide this information for other members.


The Repository Content

Classics Paradise Reporistory Vehicles Vehicle Brands and Models

In the vehicle respository you can find classic car and motorcycle brands and their models. As registered owner, you can link your vehicles to models in our database. Like this you can easily query all suppliers, literature and clubs linked to your vehicle.
Query our vehicle database.

Classics Paradise Reporistory Suppliers Suppliers

Suppliers are categorized by their service and product portfolio and can either be linked to brands and models or be brand independent like painters or sand blasters. Suppliers can be added by members in our software easy classics or by a member who registered as supplier.
Query our supplier database.

Classics Paradise Reporistory Literature Literature

Literature is categorized by its content and can either be linked to brands and models or be brand independent like books about painting or restoring.
Query our literature database.

Classics Paradise Repository Clubs Clubs

Clubs can either be linked to brands and models or be brand independent. A club can be added by a member who registered as club administrator.
Query our club database.


Quality control

The quality of the data inside our repository is very important to us! Therefore each content, provided by our members, is validated by us carefully before it is published.

Querying the Repository

Our repository is freely accessible and can be queried by any homepage visitor!
Detailed information on suppliers, clubs and literature is only available to members.
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