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The search for spare parts is always a challenge for classic vehicle owners.

With this little feature, we make the search a little easier.

Many suppliers have web shops nowadays and in those web shops you can search for parts. If the supplier's web shop matches certain criteria, then Classics Paradise can configure the search and retrieve part information from the web shop.

We are constantly adding new suppliers to our repository and if appropriate, we match them to vehicle brands and configure the spare part search is possible.

For you as user this makes searching for spare parts very easy. You enter the OEM part number and get a formated list with all parts found in supplier's web shops. Comparing price is now very easy.

You can open the spare part search directly in the parts list editor or in the vehicle data form by pressing on Bei Lieferanten suchen

When opening from the parts list form the OEM part number of the selected part will automatically be copied into the search field. Above the input field for the OEM part number the vehicle brand is displayed for which you are searching parts. Searching for parts is only possible when you linked the parts list and your vehicle to a vehicle brand. 
Press on Bei Lieferanten suchen to start the search.

The search may take a little longer because we query all web shops and retrieve current data.

If no parts are returned then this can have different reasons:

  1. No parts were found with the OEM part number provided. Either the part is not listed in any of the web shops or you might have misspelled the OEM number.
  2. For the vehicle brand we didn't list any suppliers yet.
  3. For the vehicle brand no suppliers with web shops were configured.

If you would like us to add and configure a supplier, then you have two possibilities:

  1. Add the supplier in your ressources and transfer it to the Classics Paradise repository or
  2. Enter a support request by pressing on and send us a link with the supplier's homepage.

Alternatively you can also search with Google by pressing .


Bei Lieferanten suchen New record Searches in web shops of suppliers that are listed in the Classics Paradise repository
Save changes Searches the Internet for the search term
Close form Closes this form
help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request


Column Name Data Type Description
OEM Part Number text Search term or spare part number you want to search for