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Easy Classics project diary

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You can use the project diary to document the history of your restoration.

The diary has a title and subtitle, an author and a picture as the cover.

You can record chapters and write articles for each chapter, each with a name and a date.

You can add media to each post.


Tagebuchkapitel hinzufügen Add new chapter Inserts a new chapter below the selected chapter or title page
Eintrag hinzufügen Add new diary entry Inserts a new entry under the selected chapter
record save Save changes Saves changes to the current record
Delete record Delete the current record and any data related to it.
Reports Opens the report selector form to choose a report
help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request

Data Main Page

Spalte Datentyp Beschreibung
Title text Mandatory field, title of the diary
Sub Title text Mandatory field, subtitle of the diary
Author Text Author
Copyright text Copyright
Main Page Image image A picture for the title page

Data Chapter

Spalte Datentyp Beschreibung
Description text Chapter Name

Data Diary Entry

Spalte Datentyp Beschreibung
Description text Title of the entry
Date date Date of the entry
Diary Entry text Entry text


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