General Overview of Easy Classics

Structure of Easy Classics

Easy Classics is basically divided into three main components:

  1. My classic vehicles: The management of your classic cars and motorcycles, basic data, media, documents, expenses, history, maintenance
  2. My Projects: Projects you are working on
  3. My Resources: Your suppliers, your memberships, your media and your parts lists

In addition to these three main parts, there are also the settings and the help area.

My Classic Vehicles

Vehicle data

This module is available to every user.

Here you can record all your classic cars and motorcycles and manage all additional information such as media, documents, expenses, history and maintenance work.

A detailed description of this module can be found under vehicle data.

My Projects

Project data

The project module is available to you if you have licensed it.

Projects range from major repairs to total restorations of your classic vehicle. This module includes everything you need to plan, structure, document and control projects.

You can also use projects to document general work, such as oil changes etc., on your classic car.

My Ressources

Their resources include:

  • Your suppliers: Suppliers from whom you buy spare parts or have certain work carried out.
  • Your memberships: If you are a member of a classic car club, you can record them.
  • Your media: This is the central media library in which all the media of your classic cars and projects are managed.
  • Spare parts lists: This is a special module in which you can digitize or record spare parts lists. Digitized spare parts lists are an enormous help when working on your classic car.