Run Easy Classics the first time

When you run Easy Classics for the first time, you will need to enter some special information.

1. Login
Enter the email address and password you used to register with Classics Paradise. And click <Login>. If the login is successful, an information window appears with your details. Click on <OK>

2. Test License will be automatically created
A free test license with full functionality will be created for you automatically. This license entitles you to test the the software in its entirety for 90 days.

3. Synchronisation of already registered classic cars
If you already have registered your classic vehicles online, you will be asked if you want to copy them to Easy Classics. If you want to do this immediately, then click on <Yes> and a selection window will appear. Learn more about synchronising your classics here. You can synchronise your vehicles at a later time aswell.

4. Enter base currency
As a last point you have to enter your base currency in the program settings. The program settings window will open automatically. Click on the button with the icon next to the currency field. In the currency window enter your base currency (e.g. Euro) and do not forget to tick the base currency box. Click the save button and close the window. The base currency is now displayed in the program settings.

Check the other program settings. You can find a detailed description of this here.

Now you can use Easy Classics!