Form - Dismantling Process

Dismantling process


Dismantling processes describe the dismantling of certain assemblies or parts.

The description of this work is extremely important so that you know what to look out for when rebuilding and how to put everything back together.

Start or edit process

Opens the process step editor to document a disassembly step by step.

Reorder processes

Opens the window to adjust the order of all disassembly processes.

Create rebuild process automatically

With this function, you can automatically create an assembly description from a disassembly description. A new assembly process is automatically created and all steps and instructions from the disassembly instructions are adopted in reverse order.

At the same time, all the words from the library are exchanged to match the assembly steps and instructions.

Please check the assembly process carefully and correct any errors or imperfections by hand.


record save Save changes Saves changes to the current record
Delete record Delete the current record and any data related to it.


Column Name Data Type Description
ID read only the unique ID of this record
Name text name of the process
Description text optional, more detailed description of the process