Linking to the Classics Paradise database

What does linking to the Classics Paradise database mean?

Classics Paradise runs a database with important information on classic car manufacturers and models, suppliers, classic car literature on vehicles and other topics and a directory of all clubs, associations and institutions.

If you use Easy Classics, you can use this data or expand our repository yourself.

In Easy Classics you can manage the following data:

  • Your classic cars and motorcycles
  • Suppliers that are important to you
  • Clubs and associations you are a member of

At Classics Paradise, the vehicle (manufacturer and model) is always central and we try to connect as much data as possible with this vehicle.

Creating a link means nothing more than connecting or exchanging your data with our data.

Example: You enter a supplier from whom you buy spare parts. If we have listed this supplier, you can simply select and download it and save yourself the entry of the data. If this supplier has not yet been recorded in the CP database, you can transmit the the supplier to the cp repository so that a next member has it available.

What is the benefit of linking my data to the CP repository?

Accurate information: If you link your classic vehicle to the manufacturer and model in the CP database, we can provide you with the exact information you need for your classic vehicle.

For example, if you own a Jaguar E-Type and link it to our vehicle repository, then we can show you Jaguar E-Type suppliers, provide literature on Jaguar or the E-Type and also show Jaguar clubs.

A give and a take: Classic car owners are often dependent on the knowledge and experience of others. So sharing this information is extremely important! Wouldn't you be very happy if you were recommended a supplier who might be a "Jaguar E-Type Whisperer" and you don't even know them yet?

How do I link my data to the CP repository?

With your classic vehicles, suppliers and clubs you have an area above the main data that shows you whether and how you are linked to the CP repository.

On your classic motorcycle it could look like this if you had a Hungarian Csepel 125D motorcycle:

CP Datenbankverknüpfung Oldtimer

For a supplier it could look like this:

CP Datenbankverknüpfung für Lieferanten 

And for a club or association it could look like this:

CP Datenbankverknüpfung für Vereine

Below in the list of related help toppics you will find how to link your individual data to the CP database.