Select club from the Classics Paradise database

Form - Select club from the Classics Paradise database

Select a club from the CP repository


Select the club

The first step in linking your club to the Classics Paradise repository is to search for it.

  • Enter part of the club name or leave it blank.
  • Optionally select the country where the club is located
  • Optionally, you can search clubs for one of your classic vehicles if they have been linked to the CP database.

Click on Search to start the club search.

Select the correct club from the list.

Click on Auswahl übernehmen to select the club and close the form. The club data will now be copied to your club.

If your club is not in the list, you have the option to add it to the CP repository. Click onModel zur CP Datenbank hinzufügen. How to enter a new club you can find here.


record new Add a club Opens the form to add a club to the CP repository
Auswahl übernehmen Confirm selection Confirm selection and close form
Fenster ohne Auswahl schliessen Cancel selection Cancel selection and close form
Hersteller suchen Search Search club with your search criteria

Search Criteria

Column Name Data Type Description
Search Phrase text Enter the name of the club or a part of it
Country dropdown Select the country where the club is from
Related to vehicle text If you have linked your classic cars to the CP database, you can search for all clubs for your model.