Link your classic car to the Classics Paradise database

Form - Link your classic car to the Classics Paradise database

Linking your classic to the CP repository


Select the manufacturer

The first step in linking your classic vehicle to the Classics Paradise repository is to select the manufacturer.

  • First select the vehicle type: car or motorbike.
  • Then select the country of origin
  • Now enter at least 3 characters of the manufacturer's name

Click on Search to start the search.

Choose the correct manufacturer from the list.

Click on Modell auswählento display the form with all models.

Select the model

In the CP repository we only have general models and no exact model series such as "E-Type series 2, 4.2 liter roadster". Usually it is sufficient to link all data to the model.

Select you classics model

Select the model of your classic vehicle from the list.

Now click on Auswahl übernehmen to confirm your choice and close the window. The manufacturer and model are now linked to your classic car.

Warnung ATTENTION: Don't forget to click on Save in the vehicle data form to save the changes.

If your model is not in the list, then you have the possibility to add the model to the CP repository. Click on the icon Model zur CP Datenbank hinzufügen. How to add a model, see here.


record new Add a model Opens the form to add a model to the CP repository
Zurück zur Herstellerauswahl Back to manufacturer Go back to manufacturer searc
Zur Modellauswahl Model selection Go to model selection
Auswahl übernehmen Confirm selection Confirm selection and close form
Fenster ohne Auswahl schliessen Cancel selection Cancel selection and close form
Hersteller suchen Search Search manufacturer with your search criteria

Search Criteria

Column Name Data Type Description
Vehicle Type dropdown Select car or motorcycle
Country of Origin dropdown Select the country where the manufacturer is from
Brand Name text Enter at least 3 characters of the manufacturer's name. It doesn't have to be the first three.