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Form - Add model to the Classics Paradise database

Adding a model to the CP repository


Warnung Before you add a model to the Classics Paradise database, check carefully whether you may have overlooked the model. All models added by our members are checked by us before they are released. The quality of our data is very important to us.

We are pleased that you are adding another model to the CP database!

Here are a few tips:

  • Do not enter any personal information here. E.g. in the name only "E-Type" and not "My great love"
  • Use variants for the name that are also internationally recognizable or enter several variants. E.g. for Citroen 2CV: "2CV, Ente, Deux Chevaux" but please not just "Ente"
  • Enter the general model, not a specific sub-model such as "E-Type, Series 2, 4.2 Liter Roadster"
  • You are very welcome to upload an image of your vehicle but use a generic image where the vehicle is clearly visible like the one above. If possible, do not use personal pictures that show people or only part of the vehicle is visible. The picture should show the model in a way that is easily recognizable to other members.
  • If the image is yours, please put your name as copyright. If you got it from another source, then you need to credit the image and make sure you're allowed to use the image at all!
  • If you do not know the internal manufacturer ID, simply enter the model name.
  • Production Start and End indicates the period in which this model was produced. E.g. E-Types were produced from 1961 to 1974, this period includes the production of all E-Types including Series 1, 2 and 3.

Warnung Classics Paradise is a reputable platform for classic car enthusiasts and data quality is very important to us. Entries that have nothing to do with models or are of a dubious nature will be removed by us! We reserve the right to ban members who misuse Classics Paradise for any other purpose. Please mind our terms of use.


record save Save Submits the model to the CP repository and closes the form
Abbrechen Cancel Cancel the process and close the form without submitting the model
help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request


Column Name Data Type Description
Image JPG or PNG Upload an image of the model. Please mind the tips given in the description above
Model Name text The official model name
Manufacturer Code text The internal manufacturer code of the model. If unknown please enter the model name
Production Start year The year when production of the first model started
Production End year The year when production of the last model ended