How to install Easy Classics

After downloading Easy Classics you can begin the installation.

The installation file is a compressed file and is located in your download directory. Right-click the file and select <Extract All...>. Enter the directory in which you would like to extract the installation files and click on <Extract>. Windows then automatically changes to the directory.

Now start <easyClassicsSetup.exe>. You may receive a security warning because EXE files can be a potential risk for viruses. If the warning appears, click <More info> and then click <Run anyway>.

Information ATTENTION! Do NOT start the setup by clicking on the file <easyClassicsSetup.msi>. The setup will start, but important parts of the application, like the database driver from Microsoft, will NOT be installed!

On the welcome screen click on <Next> and in the second window on <Next> again.

Now enter the installation directory.

Information IMPORTANT: If you want to use Easy Classics both on your desktop PC and on a laptop (e.g. for the workshop), you can install the program on a USB removable hard drive and then simply connect it to the respective computer. Please note the following instructions if you wish to use Easy Classics in this way.

Click on <Next> to continue the installation. Confirm the installation again with <Next>. The program will now be installed.

Windows asks again if you really want to install the program. Confirm the question with <Yes>

Complete the installation with <Close>.

Now you can start Easy Classics.