How to Use Easy Classics on an external USB hard drive

How to use Easy Classics on an external USB hard drive

Many users have a desktop computer and a laptop and want to run Easy Classics on both.

Desktop Computer

Certain areas in Easy Classics are easier to use when you have a large screen or, even better, when you have two screens. For example, if you enter spare parts lists, it is great if you can position the digitized list next to the entry mask.

Laptop Computer

For project work like restorations, you will most likely use a laptop that you can take to your garage or barn.

In such cases it is necessary to have all Easy Classics data (database and media) available on both the desktop and laptop computer. Of course, you can always copy all data back and forth, but this is tedious and error-prone.

USB Drive

It is easier if you install Easy Classics directly on an external hard drive during installation and then simply connect it to your desktop or laptop. If you already have Easy Classics installed on one of your computers, you can move the entire program directory to the external hard drive. Make sure, however, that the program is no longer available on the computer afterwards! You should never work with multiple copies of Easy Classics because data cannot be synchronized between each other! Also note that shortcuts on the Windows desktop must be adjusted accordingly to refer to the external hard drive.