Form - Storage location management

Storage location management


In this window you can enter your storage locations for your project.

Easy Classics knows three types of storage locations:

  1. Building/Room/Area: A local storage location, most often a garage, barn, or basement
  2. Shelf / frame: a piece of furniture such as shelves, boxes, etc.
  3. Case / Container / Box: Storage places that are mostly on shelves or in rooms such as boxes

This makes it a bit clearer which storage locations are located where.

For each storage location, you can specify whether parts can be stored there directly or can be assigned. For example, if you define a house as a storage location, and the house contains multiple rooms, then you would not want to associate parts directly with the house because that does not indicate exactly where the part is located.


right mouse click Add storage location Inserts a new storage location under the selected storage location in the tree structure
right mouse click display parts in storage location Shows all parts in the tree structure for the selected storage location
record save Save changes Saves changes to the current record
Delete record Delete the current record and any data related to it.
Reports Opens the report selector form to choose a report
help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request
Liste aktualisieren Refresh overview Updates the overview
Fenster schliessen Close form Closes the storage location management
Associate parts Opens the window to assign parts that have not yet been assigned to this storage location


Column Name Data Type Description
ID read only the unique ID of this record
Storage location name text Name of the storage location
Part storage allowed in this location check box Indicates whether this storage location is available for part assignment.
Lagerort Typ drop down Indicates the type of storage location (see description above)
Description text More detailed description of the storage location
Teile an diesem Lagerort list List off all parts assigned to this storage location