Form - Project Step Instructions

Process step editor


This chapter describes process step instructions. How to record process steps is described in a separate chapter.

A process step consists of one or more instructions, informations and/or warnings.

  • Anweisung hinzufügen : An instruction is a description of an activity such as: <Unscrew the saddle>.
  • Information hinzufügen : A piece of information is an additional note to an instruction, e.g.: <It is best to use an M10 open-end wrench to loosen the screws>
  • Warnung hinzufügen : A warning is an important additional comment to an instruction, e.g.: <Caution: the spring is under tension, it jumps out when the screw is loosened!>

Copy part names

If, during the description of an instruction, you want to use official part names and reference numbers from the parts list, you can open the parts list for copying Teileliste öffnen. At the top left corner of the parts list is a button Teile Bezeichnungen übernehmen to enable copy mode. When active Übernahmemodus aktiv, the part name and reference number is copied to the text of the instruction at the cursor location each time you click on a part. The acquired data has the following format: [part name] (group reference number, part reference number), e.g. [Adjusting Screw] (3-66). 3 designates the group reference and 66 the part reference in the exploded view. To avoid an unintentional takeover, you should deactivate the copy mode or close the spare parts catalogue.

Copy standard words from the dictionary

The dictionary is a small but effective aid, on the one hand to easily adopt standard terms such as loosen, unscrew, separate, remove, pull off etc. and on the other hand to convert such terms correctly when automatically creating an assembly process from a disassembly process, e.g. <loosen> becomes <tighten>. A detailed description of the dictionary can be found here.

To copy words, click on the button Wörterbuch öffnen. Now, by double-clicking on a word, you can copy it to the instruction text at the position of the cursor.

Auto add mode

When disassembling, it is sometimes useful to take several pictures in a row and then write the instructions for each picture. If you have connected a camera to Easy Classics and enabled scan mode in the media manager, you can use auto add mode for instructions.

  • Turn on scan mode in the media manager Media Scanner aktivieren
  • Activate the auto add mode by clicking the button Auto-Hinzufügemodus für Anweisungen aktivieren
  • Take the desired pictures with your camera.
  • A new instruction is automatically added for each image.
  • After the last picture, you can describe the newly captured instructions.

Add and sort instructions


Anweisung hinzufügen Add instruction Adds an instruction to the end of the list
Information hinzufügen Add information Adds an information to the end of the list
Warnung hinzufügen Add warning Adds a warning ot the end of the list
Delete Deletes the current record
Nach oben verschieben Move up Moves an instruction up in the list
Nach unten verschieben Move down Moves an instruction down in the list


Spalte Datentyp Beschreibung
Instruction text Description of the instruction
Sort disabled The sort is automatically managed
Typ image Displays the type: instruction, information or warning

Anweisungen Detail


record save Save Save the current changes
Teileliste öffnen Parts list Opens the parts list to copy part names and reference numbers
Wörterbuch öffnen Dictionary Opens the dictionary to copy words
Wort zum Wörterbuch hinzufügen Manage words Opens the Dictionary to manage words
Automatisches Hinzufügen von Anweisungen aktivieren Auto New If activated (red) then a new instruction ist added automatically after inserting an image.
help Online Hilfe Opens this help toppic
Support Öffnet das Eingabefenster um Supportanfragen zu übermitteln


Spalte Datentyp Beschreibung
Type image The red image indicates whether it is an instruction, information or warning. To change the type you have to click on one of the symbols.
Image Media Manager An image to describe an instruction. See media manager.