Form - The project dictionary

The project dictionary


The dictionary allows you to capture verbs that you regularly use in the disassembly processes. Capturing such words has two advantages:

  1. They can be easily inserted while writing instructions
  2. They help in the automatic creation of an assembly description from a disassembly description to correctly articulate the instructions.

Example: We make a dictionary entry with the term <loosen>. We define <tighten> as the assembly designation for <loosen>. One instruction is <Loosen the left screw with an M10 open-end wrench>. If an assembly instruction is automatically generated from this disassembly instruction, Easy Classics replaces each disassembly designation with the respective assembly designation. Our assembly instructions will therefore be <Tighten the left screw with an M10 open-end wrench>


record new New record Initializes the form for adding a new record
record save Save changes Saves changes to the current record
Delete record Delete the current record and any data related to it.
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Column Name Data Type Description
ID read only the unique ID of this record
Disassembly name text term during disassembly
Assembly name text term during assembly