Easy Classics Maintenance Work

Form - Maintenance Work

Classic Car and Bike Maintenance Work


In your classic car data, under maintenance, you can plan and carry out recurring maintenance work.

You can either create single jobs that are not based on a maintenance plan, or create maintenance jobs that are copied from a maintenance plan over and over again.
A maintenance job that is based on a plan shows the plan in the <Related to maintenance plan> field. Otherwise this field is empty.

You can find out how to create maintenance plans here.

Filter maintenance work

Below the input area, you can filter maintenance work. By default, only open or overdue maintenance work is listed. Select one of the radio buttons to filter the maintenance work accordingly.


record new New maintenance work Initializes the form for adding a new record
record save Save changes Saves changes to the current record
Delete record Delete the current record and any data related to it.
Wartungsarbeit als erledigt bestätigen Marks work as done

Sets the selected maintenance task to done. Today's date is set as the date. The current KM status is taken as the KM status and the number of KM for the maintenance interval is added.

If this work is based on a maintenance plan, you will be asked whether a new maintenance task should be created.

Wartungsarbeit aus Wartungsplan erstellen Create new maintenance work from maintenance plan

If the currently selected maintenance work is based on a maintenance plan, you can use this button to create the next maintenance work.

help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request


Column Name Data Type Description
ID read only the unique ID of this record
Related to maintenance plan combobox For non-scheduled maintenance, leave this field blank. Otherwise select the previously defined maintenance plan here.
Description text Mandatory field, short description of the maintenance work
Overdue checkbox Indicates whether the maintenance work is already due.
Due date date Specifies the work due date.
Due mileage integer Indicates at what mileage the work is due.
Completed checkbox Indicates whether the maintenance work has been completed.
Completed date date Indicates the date the maintenance work was completed.
Completed mileage integer Indicates the mileage at which the maintenance job was completed.