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My support requests


In this overview, you can see your support requests. You can filter your requests and display either open, completed or all requests.

How are inquiries handled?

When you submit a request, it gets an ID (ID column in the overview).

In the first column you will see a colored bullet which means:

  1. Yellow: Your request is open.
  2. Green: Your request has been processed and is complete
  3. Red: Your request has been rejected and will not be processed further. This can be, for example, if you want a new feature, but we feel that this new feature has no added value and is therefore not implemented.

Our support department will be notified of the new request and will look into it. If, as in most cases, an action is necessary, e.g. a bug needs to be fixed or a functionality needs to be added, a ticket is created from your request and gets its own ticket ID (see Ticket column). So as soon as there's a value in the ticket column, you'll know we're working on it.

At this point it may already be that we add feedback (column Feedback/Solution) so that you can see what we are doing or planning to do.

In the Status column, you can see the status of your request:

  • New: If there is no ticket, your request has not yet been processed. If a ticket has been created, the next action is already planned but has not yet started.
  • Pending: We are currently working on your request.
  • Resolved: We have resolved your request.
  • Rejected: Your request has been rejected.

In the <Available in Release column>, you can see for which version we have planned the change or in which version the change was made.

InfoInformation: If you would like to send further information (like screen shots) on an inquiry or would like to tell us anything else, you are welcome to do so via e-mail (info@classics-paradise.com). Please always enter the ID from the first column!


Filter Displays the requests you want to see
help Help Opens this help page
Support Opens the support form to transmit a support request


Column Description
ID The ID of your support request, if you contact us regarding this, please always state this ID
Ticket The ticket ID that we issue when your request becomes a support case.
Request Date The date of your request
Ticket Date The date we created the ticket
Resolved The date on which we processed your request
Request Your original request
Feedback / Solution Ower Feedback
Status Current status of the request (see description above)
Category The category you specified
Priority Die Priorität, die Sie angegeben haben
Available in Release If your request leads to a change in the program, the version in which this change is available will be displayed here.


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