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Easy Classics

Easy Classics Main Form

Easy Classics is our classic car and classic motorcycle documentation software for vehicle owners.

The solution has two modules:
1. Basic: vehicle documentation, vehicle data, expenses, documents, history and media.
2. Projects: planning, documenting and controlling restoration and repair projects.

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Easy Classics Pro 

Easy Classics Pro is the professional version of Easy Classics, especially designed for workshops and garages focused on restoration work. It will contain customer management and project management and will be able to connect to owners via Easy Classics. Like this we connect owners and their vehicles with professionals. Owners can commssion workshops for repair or restoration orders and share their vehicle data. Workshops can then document their work step by step and share their progress with the owners online.

Easy Classics Pro is currently in development. If you register as CP supplier member, we will inform you as soon as Easy Classics Pro is available. Register Now!